The Story

Gee Woods Jewellery was founded in early 2013 and specialises in both a large amount of bespoke commissioned pieces and, also, a small, ready-to-wear collection.  In a world where everything is mass produced I like to offer something different and personal to each client so they can walk away with an item that is unique to them. An area of specialism involves working with clients who bring in an old, often neglected, piece of jewellery which they wish to modernise. We work closely with each other to ensure that they end up with a piece that represents them, whilst maintaining the sentiment of an old, often inherited, piece.


I trained as a Gemologist and Jewellery Designer at the Gemological Institute of America.  I believe in British made wherever possible and all of my jewellery is made by highly experienced and skilled craftsmen based in the UK to ensure a beautiful finish. The stone dealers I use hail from all over the world so can provide you with any stone you are after whether it’s a Sri Lankan sapphire or a Brazilian tourmaline.  I also source antique rings so if there is something in particular you are after then give me a call.