Step 1: Initial consultation

Over an initial phone call or meeting we discuss ideas, gemstones, budget and timeline. I will explain advantages of using particular gemstones over other ones and metal choices. Bespoke pieces vary in price so I can give you an indication of the possibilities within your budget.

Step 2: Stone selection & design

I will go away and source any gemstones and draw some initial designs based upon what we have spoken about.

Step 3: Quotation, lead time & deposit

Once your chosen design has been agreed a quote will be sent alongside a lead time for the piece. Once confirmed I will send over an invoice for the 50% deposit. The item of jewellery will then be handmade by our fantastic London based craftsman which can take anywhere from 6-12 weeks depending on the complexity of the design.

Step 4: On completion

Once the piece is finished the final invoice will be sent for payment. Your jewellery can then be collected or delivery arranged. Bespoke engagement rings start at £5,000. A small selection of bespoke commisions are shown below. A much larger selection are shown on Instagram.

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