About Gee

A British jewellery designer and gemmologist, I trained at The Gemmological Association of Great Britain and at the Gemmological institute of America. I am a strong supporter of British made wherever possible, with all my jewellery created by highly experienced and skilled craftsmen based in the UK to ensure a beautiful finish. My stone dealers hail from all over the world, allowing me to provide a huge variety of stones, whether it's a Sri Lankan sapphire or a Brazilian tourmaline.

Heavily influenced by the art deco era, I seek to marry that with a more contemporary style to create jewellery that is traditional yet modern. My work is characterised by simplicity of design that highlights the distinctive character of each stone.

In a world where everything is mass-produced, I believe in offering something highly individual and personal to each client so that they can walk away with a piece of jewellery that is unique to them.

I am now based in Dorset but travel regularly to London so please get in touch if you would like to arrange a meeting.

About Gee

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